Pre-Reunion in Tokyo

Date and Time
Wednesday, March 25, 2020
6:30pm— 9:30pm
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Ark Hills Club
1-12 32 Akasaka
37F East Wing, ARK Mori Building,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6090
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(Japanese to follow)

Dear Alumni of UPenn, AMP & Wharton.  We're Hiroshi Minoura (WG'84), and Junichi Endo (WG'93) at Wharton Club of Japan.

There will be a big event in Philadelphia next May to celebrate every fifth year class reunion.

If you are planning to attend, great !!   If not, why not attend our pre-reunion event here in Tokyo?   Or better yet, both!!

Did you know that UPenn has acquired a great piece of land right next to Amtrak and named Penn Park?

Did you know that WaWa is still there at 36th and Chestnut?

Did you know that the BookStore was built on Walnut Street?

Did you know that MBA House is now gone, and Huntsman Hall is built instead?

We are planning to show you a lot of photos to explain how the campus has changed in the past years.

We're delighted to invite you to a "Nostalgic Tour of Campus" in upcoming March.

There are 250 people here in Tokyo who graduated Wharton or UPenn in a "5" or "0",  so the challenges of mobilizing these prepare formidable.

We also would like to invite those grading in a "4", "6", "9", and "1" who shared the school life with those in "5" or "0".  

In order to reach as many people as possible, I'd like to get you together for about an hour to discuss the plans and enlist your help.....but of course, over a drink or two.


Date:  March 25 (Wed), 2020 at 6:30 for cocktail and 7:00 for official start

Place: 37th floor at Ark Hills Club (Akasaka)

Fee: 7,000 yen (for advanced payments), 8,000 yen (for Cash on the spot).

For advance payments, please feel free to purchase the advance tickets below or make bank transfer to the club bank account.  

Note: WCJ's refund policy.  

For those who would like attend, please make RSVP as below.    

We look forward to seeing you.


ペン大、ウォートン卒業(卒業年の一桁が0または5の方)の皆様! お元気ですか?





キャンパスは大いに変化しています。懐かしい写真と、その後の変化の様子は、ビデオや写真でご案内します。 そして、ウォートンスクールから 皆さんへのプレゼントも有ります!!




日 時: 2020年3月25日(水) 午後6時30分 カクテル・スタート
                午後7時 開会
場 所: アークヒルズクラブ
      港区赤坂1-12-32 アーク森ビル 37階
会 費: 7,000円(ただし、当日現金の場合は8000円)


銀行振込:三井住友銀行 本店営業部 普通口座 8835235 ウォートンクラブ オブ ジャパン



Refund Policy

箕浦 裕(WG'84)  ウォートンクラブオブジャパン チェアマン
遠藤 淳一(WG'93)     ウォートンクラブオブジャパン プレジデント
夏野 剛 (WG'95)   ウォートンクラブオブジャパン 理事 
黒住 忠朗(WG'00)     ウォートンクラブオブジャパン 理事
塩崎 彰久(WG'10)     ウォートンクラブオブジャパン 理事







Purchase Tickets

Reception fee
No later than March 19
Map & Directions

Ark Hills Club

1-12 32 Akasaka, 37F East Wing, ARK Mori Building,, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6090, Japan,
by public transit by car by bike Walking