Cocktail party with Professor Martine Haas

Date and Time
Monday, March 6, 2023
6:30pm— 8:30pm
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We welcomed Professor Martine Haas to our networking party on Tuesday, March 6. The party was held at the LUMIVEIL TOKYO located on the 41st floor of the Shiodome City Center and was attended by over 60 alumni. The participants include alumni of various ages from a wide range of industries such as tech, finance, and investment.


Undergraduates: 8

70’s & 80’s: 14

10’s & 20’s: 15

WG/Lauder: 14


We started with opening remarks by the President, Fukuhara-san (WG88/Lauder) followed by a toast by Yamamoto-san (WG91/Lauder).  Then, Professor Martine Haas spoke about the Lauder program.  She spoke about the current status of the Lauder program, how the program has changed since COVID pandemic (e.g., the program has become accustomed to a virtual environment, which has enabled it to invite a variety of speakers from around the world, both in person and virtually, after COVID), where the students work for after graduation, and the support for the Lauder program.


This was the first networking party of the year, and it was a great success. The participants enjoyed the networking opportunities. 

The Chairman,  Higa-san (W74), gave the closing remarks at the end. 

To the attendees, thank you all for coming!