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Club membership is open to all undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, PhD, WEV, AMP alumni of the Wharton School of Business.  By virtue of your alumni status, you are automatically a Basic member, with the privilege to attend WCJ events, access our private group on Facebook (see below to gain the access to the benefits).  

We want you to be a bigger part of the Wharton Club of Japan. You can become a contributing member, by paying the membership fee of 6,000 yen per year. Your fee will support the Club’s activities and further enhance the benefits of members. There are different membership status depending on how you pay the fee.  For more, please visit here (Japanese Text).  

  • Basic member : as a Wharton Alumnus, you are automatically entitled to a membership of WCJ
    • Register your e-mail address with the administration office to receive club mails. Also join the facebook group “The Wharton Club of Japan” by sending a request to the organizer Yuko Kawai (WG93). 

    • You are entitled to join club activities such as the annual party, member seminars, and net-working events.


  • Supporting member: By paying the membership fee of JPY 6,000 per year : you support our activities financially and receive small benefits in return

    • You will be entitled to join the special events inviting contributing members only

    • You will receive JPY 1,000 discount at the selected Alumni events

    • You will view and access searchable alumni directory and Member Only (Japanese Text) where you can see the back numbers of Club Newsletters, videos, and other articles. 

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  • Benjamin Franklin member: By paying the membership fee of JPY 6,000 by Jido Hikiotoshi (bank account auto payment): you will receive a copy of Club directory book and priority registrations for competitive events

    • Club directory book is published every other year. Names and e-mail addresses are dual language while other information are provided in Japanese only unless the original information is in English).

    • You will be privileged in registering popular events such as small group seminars with popular speakers.

    • You will be privileged in registering the professional medical support service.
    • You will view and access searchable alumni directory and Member Only (Japanese Text) where you can see the back numbers of Club Newsletters, videos, and other articles.

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  • Gold member: By paying JPY 50,000 or above per year for extra support and benefits on top of those for Jido Hikiotoshi member.

    • As the gratitude for your extra support, one free event ticket valid for the corresponding year or one Wharton novelty good

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Please Note: You will need your PennKey credentials to log-in and access exclusive member content.  Please contact [email protected] if you don't know your username and/or password.

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