Leaders' message

Dear Wharton Alumni of Japan,

On behalf of the board of directors, we sincerely welcome all of you to the Wharton Club of Japan.  Wharton School is the world's first collegiate business school which was the brainchild of Philadelphia entrepreneur Joseph Wharton, who wrote a letter asking the University of Pennsylvania to create a school to prepare young men to assume control of the complex economy that was unfolding. 

Amazingly, one of first five graduates of Wharton School in 1884 was Shiro Shinba, a displaced and defeated Japanese samurai who, at the age of 32, became a member of Wharton’s first class.  Shiba went to enjoy a career in Japanese parliament.

Since then so many young persons with promising futures have been to Wharton and currently living alumni in Japan are about 1,200 including Wharton Graduate, Undergraduate, PhD, and Advanced Management Program.  Japan is currently the second largest Wharton alumni populations outside of the US.

We have a very strong and talented Board, committed to the Wharton Club of Japan. Each Board member contributes time and expertise, and generates valued programs and events that enable networking, education, and fun.

Your participation and input is valued, and a key to our community’s success. You are encouraged and welcome to attend any of events; you are also welcome to get involved! Perhaps you have an idea for an event, and we can help.  

Membership dues in particular provide the financial support our community needs to host events and provide membership services each year; having alumni join as Club members makes a real difference.

Finally, we have a brand new website, which will hopefully improve our ability to send out news, and provide easy access to the greater Wharton network. We encourage you also to follow our website for quick access to timely information.

Best regards,

Hiroshi “Mike” Minoura WG ‘84

Junichi Endo WG ‘93