30th Reunion (WG88)

Date and Time
Friday, May 18, 2018
6:00pm— 9:00pm
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It turned out to be a great party. Some of us came all the way from Osaka or Nagoya only for this event.  We all enjoyed meeting not just with classmates but with spouses who lived in Philly with us. Some of us brought the old pictures of the Wharton days and all confirmed how we have changed (or how much we gained) over last 30 years.  Also Yasu Oshima reported his visit to the Philadelphia reunion, which we also shared his reunion photos.

One guy happened to be absent on the day so the total number of attendees was 18.  We could give the Wharton gifts to each attendee so everyone was happy about it.  

Many of us seem to have slowed down in each professional life, which thanks to Wharton, tends to be very successful.  So we all talked about visiting Philly at the 35th reunion.