WCJ Annual General Meeting 2021 report

Date and Time
Monday, October 25, 2021
8:10pm— 9:50pm
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Erina Takizawa

Around one hundred Wharton alumni and students joined the Wharton Club of Japan (WCJ) Annual General Meeting through Zoom, held on October 25th, 2021.

After the Opening, Junichi Endo (WG93), President of WCJ, first reported the FY20 activities and financials, showing good progress and healthy financial status of the Club. After Mr. Fukuhara's (WG’88) explanation of the reasons for selecting the candidates, the WCJ directors’ election was held. The vote resulted in the appointment of three new directors; Jun Daikuhara, (WG '86), Makiko Shionoda (WG’99) and Marie Oshioka (WG '17) became Directors of WCJ.

The second part began at 8:30pm with Prof. Nicolaj Siggelkow’s special lecture. Prof. Siggelkow introduced his new strategies and ideas to illustrate big opportunities for profitable new relationships during the most challenging times by summarizing half of his book called “Connected Strategy during the time of COVID-19 and beyond”. At the Q&A session moderated by Yuki Okubo (WG21), Prof. Siggelkow answered the questions from participating alumni on the spot.



Hiroshi Minoura (WG84), Chairman of WCJ, opened the third part and made a warm welcome of WG21 and highlighted the recent message of the Dean Erika James that for the first time in its 140-year history, women will comprise more than 50% of the incoming first year class of WG23.  He also shared his memories with Mrs. Shimanuki back in 1982 when he applied to Wharton and thanked her for her long-term service at Wharton Tokyo Office. 



Then, Mrs. Minako Shimanuki reminisced about her days at the Wharton Tokyo office, starting her work 35 years ago, Wharton Global Forum Tokyo, Wharton Students trip to Japan, Alumni Meeting, Partner meetings, MBA information sessions, Faculty tours to Japan, etc which are all the most rewarding and enjoyable.  She thanked for all the support for over 35 years and besk luck to the Wharton School and the Wharton Club of Japan.      


Then, Yasuhito Tokura (WG21) reflected on his great days at Wharton from his enrollment to graduation with nice slides and videos.  Then, from Philadelphia, current students including Mina Owari, WG22  and George Iwaoka, WG’ 23, updated the latest situations of the school and campus life with photos and videos.  These enabled alumni to refresh and to remember exciting experiences they had gone through. 


In the latter half, the following key individuals from the Wharton School also gave us a few words.


- Kelly Lauersen, Senior Associate Director, Alumni Relations and Global Clubs

- Alissa Lurie, Regional Director, International Relations


In addition, the newly established Wharton Tokyo Liaison Office was introduced with a short greeting by Masanori Kanada (WG92), Yasuhiko Goto, and Erina Takizawa.  Ernest M. Higa (W’74), Vice President of WCJ, closed the event.  


Although the pandemic prevented us from holding the in-person AGM event, we led to another successful AGM by taking advantage of online events to invite speakers from Philadelphia. We appreciate all the participants and the support from the School.

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