Gathering for Admitted students 2018

Date and Time
Sunday, April 15, 2018
12:00pm— 3:00pm
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Bistro En Ballon

We have had wonderful Congrats party for admitted students and enrolled students of WG2020.  Thanks to the leadership of WG17 (special thanks to Oshioka-san, Yamada-san, and Wang-san and Yamawaki-san of WG10) more than 30 alumni and admitted/enrolled students gathered.  Our alumni offered tips and encouragements for both enrolled and their significant others.  For thsoe admitted to Wharton, but not yet decided where to go, our alumni kindly advised what Wharton could impact on him or her when he or she enrolled to Wharton.  Another special thanks to Morozumi-san, WG94, who kindly opened his restaurant despite Sunday, non-business day. 





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Bistro En Ballon

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