Networking!#4 with Lauder Students

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016
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Bistrot En Ballon


Starting this year, the Launder program was divided into 6 new programs.  The old Japanese Immersion Program is now incorporated into East and Southeast Asia program of concentration with the Chinese Immersion Program.  As a result, 9 students starting this year at the Chinese Immersion Program and 2 students from the Japanese Immersion Program visited Japan with 3 professors (Frederick R. Dickenson, Professor Nagatomo, Theresa Jen) from July 17th to 21st.


Thanks to the help from WCJ members, we were able to arrange visits to Bank of Japan, Morgan Stanley MUFG, DeNA, Nissan, and special dialogue session with Masanori Kanda (WG92).  Ken Takehisa (WG93) kindly arranged the opportunity to try Zen meditation at Kamakura Jouchiji.  It was a very exciting tour.

11 New East and Southeast Asia Lauder program students visited Tokyo and Kanagawa. 


On the night of July 19th, we were able to rent out Bistrot En Ballon with help from Taro Morozumi (WG94)) and Marie Fukuura (WG15) who treated us with Goose Island Beer, and hosted a WCJ Networking

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Bistrot En Ballon

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