Prof. Harbir Singh Seminar

Date and Time
Thursday, December 17, 2015
6:00pm— 7:30pm
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On December 17th at Palace Hotel, Carlos Hornstein (Managing Director, Business Development) introduced the Executive Program (AMP/EDP) to HR  managers of partner corporations. Afterwards, with the title of “How companies can pursue innovation through alliances and acquisitions", Professor Harbir Singh explained  Alliance/M&A using examples such as Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM, and had an active Q&A session.  

Key takeaways are as follows. 

1. Competitive advantage arises from superior value delivered to customers, best combinations of cost and differentiation
2. Acquisitions and alliances can be used effect...ively to develop global competitive advantage. Example: Renault-Nissan
3. Acquisitions are a double-edged sword, can create or destroy value (example Lenovo or Daimler)
4. Firms need to develop competence in all dimensions of resource redeployment: acquisitions, alliances and divestitures to adapt to a rapidly changing global environment