Family BBQ Outing

Date and Time
Sunday, May 27, 2018
11:15am— 2:15pm
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DECKS Tokyo Beach (Daiba) (デジキューBBQ CAFÉデックス東京ビーチ店)
1-6 1 Daiba
Minato-ku 135-0091
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Motonori Imaseki


We had a second family BBQ outing at Odaiba.  It was a sun-blessed day.  Around 30 participants enjoyed great foods and wines.  We really apprecaited Imaseki-san's perfect setting up and Kurozumi-san's procurement of great meats.  We came across Duke Club of Japan team who had a BBQ at the other table.  It was fun! 





Map & Directions

DECKS Tokyo Beach (Daiba) (デジキューBBQ CAFÉデックス東京ビーチ店)

1-6 1 Daiba, Minato-ku 135-0091, Japan,
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