WCJ Annual General Meeting 2022

Date and Time
Wednesday, October 26, 2022
6:30pm— 8:30pm
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Erina Takizawa

The 2022 Annual General Meeting was held with specific COVID-19 protocols on Wednesday, October 26 at Kojunsha Club in Ginza. Thanks to all board members, we had a large turnout with over 80 members in attendance.


The meeting started with an opening address by former President Endo san (WG93), followed by an announcement on the club's activities and achievements by Fukuhara san (WG88) . A proposal was made to nominate Watanabe Kazufumi san (WAM15) and Yoshikoshi Tetsuo san (WG99) as new directors and they were elected unanimously.


The directors who stepped down talked about "memorable moments in my six years as a director" and " message for club members".  The former chairman Minoura san (WG84) also gave his greetings and presented a slideshow of photos taken in the Penn Campus. The participants enjoyed looking back on their memorable places in the photos and the ever-changing landscape.


In addition, a real live performance by Wharton Connection was held this time as a new attempt. Shiozaki san (WG10) joined us and  talked about his memorable moments in Wharton and answered some questions asked by MC, Oshioka san (WG17) 

Higa san (W74) gave the closing remarks. It has been difficult to meet face-to-face for a long time during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and make new connections with many of our members.